11 Last Minute Fundraising Ideas

It’s never too late to join in! To keep things super quick and easy, we’ve got 11 FUN-raising ideas that are so low-maintenance, you’ll be helping hairdressers in need in NO time.

1) How Many Sweets in the Jar?

This is so simple to set up. Fill a jar with sweets –  we’d go for Parma Violets or mint imperials to keep up with this year’s purple and white theme – and, for a small donation, ask clients and staff to guess how many there are. Whoever wins, wins the jar!

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2) Lollipop Lucky Dip 

A great, easy idea. To set up your Lollipop Lucky Dip, simply fill a bowl or jar with individually priced lollipops, with prices ranging from, for example, 50p to £3. Let clients test their luck and choose a lolly, to see what they’ll be donating to help hairdressers in need.

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 3) Nail Bar 

Really easy for salons who offer nail treatments. Why not donate the sales of all purple and white manicures done on the day?


4) Glitter Bar

People love a bit of sparkle-and-shine; get that festival-feeling going with a glitter bar.

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5) Braid Station

Who doesn’t love a plait or two? Set up a Braid Station in-salon and donate the sales from each client.  This might time nicely with any girls off to a prom this weekend.


6) Fancy Dress

Think purple and white, and get creative! Get your staff to get all dressed up for the day, and ask for a small donation. This is a great way to raise awareness for the charity, and helps to get a conversation going between staff and clients on who you’re raising funds for. Think Prince’s Purple Rain or Billy Idol’s White Wedding and have some fun!


7) Bake Sale

Always an easy-pleaser, get your staff baking their best purple and white cupcakes and ask clients for a small donation for the sweet treats. If you wanted to make things a little more interesting, why not get staff involved with a bake-off? The winner can be the person who manages to sell the most cakes.

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8) Donate Tips

This one requires very little preparation. Donate the tips you receive throughout HHD to hairdressers in need. If you’ve already got one of our collection boxes, ask your clients to place tips in there so you can see them adding up. If not, download our HHD Poster and let everyone know that you’re donating to The Hairdressers’ Charity.



9) Percentage of Sales

If you’d like salon life to stay undisturbed, you don’t have to have a big event. Donating a percentage of your sales from HHD is an easy way to get involved, without having to get too involved! Previous fundraisers have donated £1 per client, why not try something similar?


10) Text Donation

The easiest item on this list. If you can’t join in in-salon, you can text to donate. Simply text “HHHD18” and your amount to 70070, and you’ll be helping hairdressers in need in no time.



11) Shout About Us

Whether you can join in or not, help to spread the word and let everyone know that we’re your industry charity by shouting about us on social media. Use the hashtag #HHD18 and find us on Facebook and Instagram on: @thehairdresserscharity and Twitter on: @thehaircharity.

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Every penny of your fundraising goes directly to helping hairdressers and their families right here in the UK, and we really appreciate absolutely anything you can raise for us. Read stories of beneficiaries we already help here to see why you should get involved this year.