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Helping Hairdressers Day 2018

Friday 29th June saw our favourite fundraising day of the year: Helping Hairdressers Day 2018. Hairdressers, stylists, salons and industry experts all came together and got creative to raise much-needed funds for hairdressers in need, right here in the UK. Now in its fourth year, the theme was purple and white, to help focus on spreading awareness for our charity. With many salons and businesses sharing their day of “FUN-raising” on social media, and even running online auctions, we think this could have been our best Helping Hairdressers Day so far! Seeing everyone join together to raise funds and awareness for our industry charity was, as always, amazing. Here are just a few of the salons that got involved…

Akito Scissors

The lovely people at Akito ran a Euromillions Lottery Draw, and offered a pair of their Kenshi Scissors and an Orbital Razor as a prize worth £285!  Numbered balls were sold for £5 via Justgiving, and the winner was the first number to be drawn from the Euromillion Lottery on the day. They raised an amazing £235! It was finally won by Georgia Bann from Twisted Scissors.

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Avant Partnership

Staying in-keeping with this year’s theme, Avant Partners’ Marketing Administrator, Abbie, had her hair coloured purple and we love it! 

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Hair Studio Unisex Hair and Beauty

Darrel Hall and his team went all out to get involved this year and had a two-day event! They got dressed up, organized a raffle, and offered discount services in the salon, with the money earnt coming to us. They raised a brilliant £175 and had a blast!

Let Lew

LetLew, salon owner of OneTwoSix, added a touch of colour by creating his own acrylic artwork and selling it on to his clients. He managed to raise an amazing £225 for his creativity!

Richard Ward Hair

The team at Richard Ward Hair dressed in white for the day in memorial of their team member, Jayne Henderson, and to help raise awareness for our cause.

Sarai Hair and Beauty

The ladies at Sarai Hair and Beauty got really busy this year.  Going all out on the purple theme for the salon decor and matching outfits, auctioned off their services and sold raffle tickets for the chance to win a box of purple products. They raised an amazing £428 for our beneficiaries!

SJ Forbes Egham

The team showed their support with a purple-themed bake sale and purple prosecco, along with a raffle. They also offered a £5 deal on braids which proved really popular. 

Spencer Lynch Hair

Purple-mania set in at Spencer Lynch hair as they all dressed in purple and decorated the salon. They sold coffee and cakes on the day, and ran a charity raffle, raising an amazing £189!


The Hair Room

The team at The Hair Room supported us with a raffle. They sold tickets for just £2, offering an amazing goodie bag as a prize, and raised an incredible £600! 

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Twisted Scissors

Georgia Bell, owner of Twisted Scissors, made plans to join in at the last minute and we’re so glad she did. She decided to keep her salon open until midnight on the day, and asked clients who came in to donate what they thought their service was worth. This, along with an impromptu raffle, raised a brilliant £640!



Not forgetting our office team running a Tombola at the NHF offices.

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Others who got involved including Affinage for their Jurassic Trek, L’Oreal Professionnel for their Citizens Day and SJ Forbes Windsor‘s raffle.

Thank you to everyone who got involved, it was such an amazing, fun-filled day! We’re still jealous that we couldn’t visit everyone!


5 Minutes with a Fundraiser: Victor Pajak

We sat down with Victor Pajak, owner of Headquarters Hair Salon in Kingston and a member of our Heart Team, to ask him a few questions. As a long-term fundraiser for hairdressers in need, he was awarded our Jayne Henderson Award at our charity ball earlier in the year and is the official organiser for our annual Bike Ride. Here’s what he had to say…


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How did you come across The Hairdressers’ Charity and what made you want to get involved?
At Headquarters Hair Salon, we’ve always supported HABB, so I was pleased to continue that support when it gained charity status, and became The Hairdresser’s Charity.

You organised the Italian Bike Ride in 2017, how did it feel to find out you’d helped to raise over £10,000? 
Raising so much money was such a thrill and an added bonus.
To be honest, myself, Lynn Hickey and Julie Allen were keen to organise the trip because we thought it would be good fun. So, to have raised over £10,000 whilst doing so was amazing!

Give us an overview of the upcoming Portugal Bike Ride, and tell us why you think people should sign up.
The Portugal Bike Ride 2018 will be the most fun that anyone can have with their Lycra on! Come and join 35 of the nicest, like-minded riders in the industry, all of mixed ability, as we cycle through the countryside and coastal routes in gorgeous sunshine.
Every individual will have their own challenges and, as a team, we’ll all help them to achieve them.
You’ll come back with a new bunch of friends and a suntan!

Have you any advice for people looking for sponsorship for events like the Portugal Bike Ride, and how they’re best approaching people?

  • Getting sponsorship for any worthy cause is getting tougher and tougher. My advice would be to start early, even now wouldn’t be too soon. Start talking about it straight away.
  • Go onto the Charity website and study how the money raised is used to help people in need, that will help you explain to people why you have been inspired to do the challenge.
  • Put a collection tin, with the charity logo on it, at reception and you’d be surprised how the odd £1 adds up.
  • Point out to your team that any one of them could be a beneficiary one day so they should all be sponsoring you. I’d suggest having a day where all “tips” collected are given to the cause.
  • Organise a Fashion show as a ticketed event with all proceeds going to the cause. And the good old “JustGiving Page” always works a treat.

As we’ve pointed out, the Italy Bike Ride last year was a huge success, but this year you’ve decided to move it to Portugal. What was your reason for this? 
The reason I chose Portugal was simply for a change. Italy was amazing, but Portugal has similar terrain and, being further south, should have more sunshine. Also, I’ve been able to secure a 5-star hotel at pretty much the same price as last year. So, more luxury and warmer weather.
Again, we will be having three guides so there will be three groups so ALL levels of ability from beginners to experts will be catered for.

What would your top cycling tip be for those joining you on the Portugal Bike Ride
Top tip would be to spend as much time in the saddle before the trip. The more hours you can clock up the less saddle sore you’ll be, and the more enjoyment you’ll have.

How did it feel to be presented with the Jayne Henderson Fundraising Award at our Valentine’s Ball? 
Getting the award was a total shock. To be honest, I was only half listening when it was being announced, then all the sudden I realised that all around people were staring at me and pointing.
It then dawned on me what was happening and I was honestly speechless, which didn’t help when I was asked to promote the Portugal Ride with no notes! But, of course, I was honoured.

Tell us where you keep the trophy.
The Trophy has taken pride of place in our salon awards cabinet. It makes me smile every day.
Are you thinking of doing any in-salon fundraising at Headquarters this year? If so, what have you got planned? 
We’ll definitely be doing the “One Hour, One Day”. It’s so simple and it’s such an easy way to raise money and, as a bonus, you can grow your clientele too!

What do you think people can do to spread the word about The Hairdressers’ Charity? 

Wear the badge. They are attractive and can be worn with pride. It’s amazing how many people notice and ask questions, which gives you a way into promoting the charity.

Want to saddle up for this year’s Bike Ride Challenge? Join Victor and his friends for plenty of fun in the sun whilst pedalling for the pounds. Here‘s all the details you need to sign up.