5 Minutes With a Fundraiser: Lorenzo Colangelo

Active committee member and salon owner of The Gallery, Lorenzo Colangelo is next up for our 5 minutes with a fundraiser.  

What inspired you to become a fundraiser for The Hairdressers’ Charity?
I’d seen the work of the charity at various events and always thought it would be good to be involved more. Following some success at the business awards, it was a great opportunity to give something back. When I was asked on to the committee I was thrilled, to share a table with some amazing industry heroes, it’s always a joy!

What ways have you been fundraising?
As a salon, we have tried various ways to fundraise. Keeping things fun is always good for morale and if you can raise money whilst having fun it never feels like work or effort. We have had raffles in the salon, that run alongside events, and that showcase a particular service we want to promote. We also hold an annual golf day for our customers and friends. This is the biggest fundraiser and is such a fabulous day.

How successful have your fundraisers been?
We raised £5,000 on last years’ golf day which we were thrilled with. We are aiming to double that this year! But you must not be put off by big numbers, it’s more about getting small amounts from a wider audience that matters. The more people aware of the charity the better.


Do you have any plans in the future for more events?  
We have our annual golf day coming up 9th June 2017, which is going to be held at West Kent Golf Club. It’s about enjoying a day with customers & friends and playing a game of competitive golf.

What do you love about fundraising?    
As a hairdresser, first and foremost, I love to make a difference to people and to make them happy. The great thing about fundraising is that there is always a beginning a middle and an end to any project large or small. In our day to day work, we work with people on an ongoing basis, so it changes the day a bit and your normal routine. It’s always nice to make a positive difference.

What has been your highlight in a fundraising event?
The highlight of any fundraising event is giving. There are many other benefits such as team building, project managing, sharing the success of an event, but it has to be handing over a cheque, that you know will make a difference – that tops the lot!

What are your top tips for a successful fundraiser?
Top tips for any fundraising event are to keep things simple. One of our easiest things to manage is our raffle – it works a treat every time. Keep the event well communicated throughout, communicate your goal and celebrate the success.

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