5 Minutes With a Fundraiser: Sarai Hair & Beauty

Hair and beauty salon, Sarai, in Berkshire, have been an active fundraiser of ours, helping to raise much-needed funds. We thought it was about time we quizzed them, for another 5 minutes with a fundraiser.

 What inspired you to become a fundraiser for The Hairdressers’ Charity?
We have been raising money for a number of years and previously nominated a salon charity each year. I feel this is a fantastic charity that focuses on people in our industry and really helps them get back on their feet. You never know when you might need it!


What ways have you been fundraising?
We have been trying to make our clients aware of the charity and the last fundraising evening we had was the late night shopping event in Crowthorne High Street. We have always made it a charity event and this most recent evening we decided to focus on The Hairdressers Charity. We offered free face painting, nail painting and hair braiding for the children, in which we asked a small donation to the charity.


How successful have your fundraisers been?
We think it’s important to support as many charities as possible so over the years we have tried to do a number of events within the salon with some events being more successful than others. Previously, we have done Race for Life, a charity Halloween abseil, carnivals, dress up and dress down days, dry January, raffle prize events and each time it’s an all-inclusive team event with a lot of money being raised within the salon and individually by the girls.

Do you have any plans in the future for more events?  
Yes, we’re planning to do a number of events this year. Some of the team are going to do a 10K run and we are looking into other events such as the Colour Run. We will, of course, have the Christmas event and we’re also planning on doing a week when we all donate our tips. There are also the regular events we love to get involved in every year, such as Red Nose Day, and then there are local charities we support, such as Together for Freddie.

 What do you love about fundraising? 
It’s fun. Working in a team to raise money gives you a big buzz, it’s great for team building and we find it so rewarding when it’s for such a great cause. We’re always thinking of new ideas.


What has been your highlight in a fundraising event?
A great highlight of the teams’ was when we had a float in the Crowthorne Carnival on a huge lorry, which was donated for the event by another local business. This charity event is always good fun but was made more special as we won first prize for the float in the Crowthorne Traders category.

 What are your top tips for a successful fundraiser?
Do things as a team. Not only can you raise more money as a team, but each person individually can help towards the combined goal to raise money.