People The Hairdressers’ Charity Helps

With more than 300 new applications each year, it is very clear that a growing number of hairdressers need somewhere to turn when, through illness, newly diagnosed disability, or difficult circumstances, they cannot cope financially.

The Hairdressers’ Charity strives to be there for hairdressing professionals in their hour of need. Many of the beneficiaries the charity supports sadly do not have anywhere else to turn to.

These are some of our beneficiaries’ stories….




John joined the hairdressing industry in 1959 and worked up until the early 90s when he had to retire due to a neck injury.

He was a HABB beneficiary from 1991 and is now a beneficiary of The Hairderssers’ Charity. In his time as a beneficiary, John has been forced to move from his home in Torquay to Lincolnshire as he could not longer afford to live in Devon.  John remains extremely grateful for the charity’s help as without this extra income he quite simply would not be able to make ends meet.



Karen was made a beneficiary of The Hairdressers’ Charity in Dec 2016. Having worked in hairdressing for 36 years, she was diagnosed with Follicular Lymphoma last year and has since been unable to work whilst undergoing chemotherapy. As a result of her treatment, Karen has unfortunately lost her hair and so she turned to us for advice on where to obtain an affordable human-hair wig.

The charity was pleased to assist and approached wig manufacturers on Karen’s behalf. Trendco very kindly offered one of their ex-display wigs free-of-charge, shipping it to her straight away. Karen was able to use her skills to colour and cut the wig to create a natural look close to her original hair style.

Huge thanks to Lana at Trendco for making a big difference to Karen’s confidence.




Past Beneficiaries

The Hairdressers’ Charity was born from HABB and will take over the mantle of helping hairdressers in need. Here are some more examples of the amazing work carried out by HABB.

Rebecca’s Story

Rebecca’s employers ghd recommended she contacted HABB when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was made a beneficiary.

Sam’s Story

Sam was born with cerebral palsy. His family needed to adapt their home to include a lift for Sam and we were able to donate some of the funds.




Dowie’s facebook campaign to find a kidney made the papers. Exhausted and struggling to work full-time, he approached the hairdressing industry’s charity for assistance, and received some financial support.

Luckily, Danny had the transplant he needed and is doing brilliantly. Danny said: “I approached the charity purely because I had a lot of hairdressers as friends, and I know what an incredible community we all are. Being a hairdresser is truly a gift.”



When Vivienne fell and dislocated her shoulder she lost all feeling in her right arm. With no accident insurance, paying her mortgage and living expenses became a challenge. As well as utilising Airbnb to rent out a room, she contacted the industry charity and was made a beneficiary to help her get through this very difficult time
Following an operation, Vivienne is on the mend. She says: “The charity has been amazing with their financial support, I can’t thank them enough for having helped me in these challenging times.

“I would like to thank everyone that has raised/given money to help support hairdressers in times of need. What a wonderful network of hairdressers. Please keep supporting. I look forward to, in the future, being able to help support other hairdressers.”



Leonard (of Mayfair)

As one of the pioneers of the modern hairdressing industry, Leonard raised the profile of British hairdressing around the globe. When he found himself destitute and heading for a care home, HABB ran a benefit night to help raise money to support him and was supported up until his passing.

Leonard says: “I’m most grateful to the charity for all the help and kindness they have shown to me. They were there when I was desperate and didn’t know which way to turn. Long may it continue the valuable work.”

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