5 Minutes With a Fundraiser: Sarai Hair & Beauty

Hair and beauty salon, Sarai, in Berkshire, have been an active fundraiser of ours, helping to raise much-needed funds. We thought it was about time we quizzed them, for another 5 minutes with a fundraiser.

 What inspired you to become a fundraiser for The Hairdressers’ Charity?
We have been raising money for a number of years and previously nominated a salon charity each year. I feel this is a fantastic charity that focuses on people in our industry and really helps them get back on their feet. You never know when you might need it!


What ways have you been fundraising?
We have been trying to make our clients aware of the charity and the last fundraising evening we had was the late night shopping event in Crowthorne High Street. We have always made it a charity event and this most recent evening we decided to focus on The Hairdressers Charity. We offered free face painting, nail painting and hair braiding for the children, in which we asked a small donation to the charity.


How successful have your fundraisers been?
We think it’s important to support as many charities as possible so over the years we have tried to do a number of events within the salon with some events being more successful than others. Previously, we have done Race for Life, a charity Halloween abseil, carnivals, dress up and dress down days, dry January, raffle prize events and each time it’s an all-inclusive team event with a lot of money being raised within the salon and individually by the girls.

Do you have any plans in the future for more events?  
Yes, we’re planning to do a number of events this year. Some of the team are going to do a 10K run and we are looking into other events such as the Colour Run. We will, of course, have the Christmas event and we’re also planning on doing a week when we all donate our tips. There are also the regular events we love to get involved in every year, such as Red Nose Day, and then there are local charities we support, such as Together for Freddie.

 What do you love about fundraising? 
It’s fun. Working in a team to raise money gives you a big buzz, it’s great for team building and we find it so rewarding when it’s for such a great cause. We’re always thinking of new ideas.


What has been your highlight in a fundraising event?
A great highlight of the teams’ was when we had a float in the Crowthorne Carnival on a huge lorry, which was donated for the event by another local business. This charity event is always good fun but was made more special as we won first prize for the float in the Crowthorne Traders category.

 What are your top tips for a successful fundraiser?
Do things as a team. Not only can you raise more money as a team, but each person individually can help towards the combined goal to raise money.

5 Minutes With a Fundraiser: Akito Scissors

Our next 5 minutes with a fundraiser comes from the scissor experts John and Katy from Akito Scissors, here’s everything they had to say.   

 What inspired you to become a fundraiser for The Hairdressers’ Charity?

We love the hairdressing industry and decided it was time to give something back. Over the years we have supported many benevolent charities and decided it was time to ‘get closer to home’ and help our hairdresser colleagues in need.

 What ways have you been fundraising?

So far we have sold 56 pins and our is goal is to sell 1000, we have raffled a signed Kaiser Chief set list and recently auctioned, through twitter #HAIRHOUR, the Vidal Sassoon autobiography signed by Trevor Sorbie. We have also run a campaign giving away Akito Shatter Scissors, which gave hairdressers an opportunity to give back to their community by donating £5 to enter.

 Do you have any plans in the future for more events?  

John is currently in training to run the Leeds 10k in July, we are hoping we can get a team of hairdressers from Leeds to take part.

 What do you love about fundraising?    

We love being creative and thinking of fun ways to raise money and inspiring people to take part.


 What has been your highlight in a fundraising event?

The auctioning of the Vidal Sassoon book on Twitter was great fun, watching in real time as hairdressers from all over UK took part in the bidding.

 What are your top tips for a successful fundraiser?

Just do it!! and have fun!

Find out more about Akito Scissors and follow their charity work on their Instagram

5 Minutes With a Fundraiser: Lorenzo Colangelo

Active committee member and salon owner of The Gallery, Lorenzo Colangelo is next up for our 5 minutes with a fundraiser.  

What inspired you to become a fundraiser for The Hairdressers’ Charity?
I’d seen the work of the charity at various events and always thought it would be good to be involved more. Following some success at the business awards, it was a great opportunity to give something back. When I was asked on to the committee I was thrilled, to share a table with some amazing industry heroes, it’s always a joy!

What ways have you been fundraising?
As a salon, we have tried various ways to fundraise. Keeping things fun is always good for morale and if you can raise money whilst having fun it never feels like work or effort. We have had raffles in the salon, that run alongside events, and that showcase a particular service we want to promote. We also hold an annual golf day for our customers and friends. This is the biggest fundraiser and is such a fabulous day.

How successful have your fundraisers been?
We raised £5,000 on last years’ golf day which we were thrilled with. We are aiming to double that this year! But you must not be put off by big numbers, it’s more about getting small amounts from a wider audience that matters. The more people aware of the charity the better.


Do you have any plans in the future for more events?  
We have our annual golf day coming up 9th June 2017, which is going to be held at West Kent Golf Club. It’s about enjoying a day with customers & friends and playing a game of competitive golf.

What do you love about fundraising?    
As a hairdresser, first and foremost, I love to make a difference to people and to make them happy. The great thing about fundraising is that there is always a beginning a middle and an end to any project large or small. In our day to day work, we work with people on an ongoing basis, so it changes the day a bit and your normal routine. It’s always nice to make a positive difference.

What has been your highlight in a fundraising event?
The highlight of any fundraising event is giving. There are many other benefits such as team building, project managing, sharing the success of an event, but it has to be handing over a cheque, that you know will make a difference – that tops the lot!

What are your top tips for a successful fundraiser?
Top tips for any fundraising event are to keep things simple. One of our easiest things to manage is our raffle – it works a treat every time. Keep the event well communicated throughout, communicate your goal and celebrate the success.

 Find out more about The Gallery.

5 Minutes With a Fundraiser: Sharon Malcolm

We caught up with Sharon Malcolm, from Multi Award Winning, Sharon Malcolm Hairdressing for another of our 5 minutes with questions; here’s what she had to say.

What inspired you to become a fundraiser for The Hairdressers’ Charity?

I’ve fundraised for years now and it is just part of who I am. No one knows what tomorrow will bring because anything can happen at any time. I want to support my peers from the industry as I hope they would support me, I think it’s important that we’re all supporting each other.Sharon Malcolm

What ways have you been fundraising?

I do a 6 mile jog every year in the Belfast Marathon and hold a coffee morning with our local beauticians in the area which make up for the main sources of donations. The magi bobbles are also a big hit on the reception desk as well as the collection box.

Do you have any plans in the future for more events?  

Yes, we’re pleased to announce that we have a gin and nibbles night planned for early June! We’re joining up with the local beauticians on 2nd June 2017 6-9:30 pm in the salon.

What do you love about fundraising?

I love holding the coffee morning because it brings the community together as we work alongside the beauticians, which creates a great atmosphere on the day. The marathon is always a challenge but I always have fun. 2016 I ran with my team member Lisa, whilst raising money for 3 different charities.

What has been your highlight in a fundraising event?

My highlight was receiving the President’s Award at The Fellowship a number of years ago for all my fundraising.

Any tips for other fundraisers you can share?

Just have fun with whatever you decide to do, and always try to get as many people as you can involved because it creates a lovely atmosphere. Make sure there’s always sponsorship forms around the salon for people to donate, alongside collection boxes for those spare pennies!

Join The Hairdressers’ Charity: Head of Charity

An opportunity to manage the only industry charity focussed on helping hairdressers in need.

Job title:                  Manager

Hours:                      35 hours per week (excluding breaks)

Job type:                  Permanent

Location:                 Bedford

Reporting to:           The Directors of The Hairdressers’ Charity

Liaising with:          The Charity’s elected Chairman & President

Direct reports:        1 Beneficiaries Executive (currently 28 hours per week (excluding breaks)

About The Hairdressing Charity

The Hairdressing Charity was originally established as HABB (the Hair & Beauty Benevolent Fund) in 1853.  We have recently changed from being a ‘friendly society’ to become a registered charity.   We offer financial support to individuals who work, or who have worked in the hair and beauty industry, and their families.  The charity is supported by volunteers who work in the hairdressing industry and who sit on the charity’s Fundraising Committee and the Management Committee.

Main responsibilities

Your role is to work with the volunteers, helping them to increase income each year to help hairdressers in need, to raise awareness of the charity within the industry and to ensure that payments are made to beneficiaries. You will be responsible for designing and developing plans for marketing, fundraising, events, social media and liaising with volunteers, encouraging and engaging their support.  You will also have responsibility for managing the office, systems and processes, with external support where needed.

Your roles and responsibilities may change from time to time to suit the charity business needs and are listed below but are not restricted to:

  • Coordinating & transacting the business of the Charity as agreed by the management committee at their monthly meetings
  • Preparing an annual budget for the Charity, including budgets for events and other fundraising activities
  • Gathering ideas from the fundraising committee and planning an annual programme of events and other fundraising activities
  • Organising events, including venue, speakers, bookings and payments
  • Creating and developing inspiring, innovative campaigns to attract hair professionals and hair industry support and engage with the charity’s existing sponsors and supporters
  • Sourcing and ordering promotional materials, adverts, exhibition stands as needed
  • Liaising with the external accounts manager to maintain quarterly management accounts, ensure the necessary financial returns are made and to manage payroll and pension contributions.
  • Attending events and exhibitions to represent the charity
  • Arranging monthly committee meetings (11 per year excluding August) and the Annual General Meeting, including producing agendas, taking minutes and circulating information to committee members
  • Line-managing the Beneficiaries Executive who is the first point of contact for beneficiaries
  • Sourcing and setting up a new CRM system and populating with data extracted from manual records
  • Managing the office, facilities, equipment and finances. As the charity was recently established, you will need to spend time setting up systems and processes to enable the smooth running of the charity as a professionally-run business and to comply with charity regulations.

Qualifications, skills and experience

  • Fundraising experience
  • Experience of organising events and fundraising activities
  • Management experience, including businesses processes
  • Familiarity with marketing and social media
  • Familiarity with the hairdressing industry (desirable)
  • IT literate
  • Able to work on own initiative
  • Strong relationship-building skills, liaising with volunteers and charity supporters.

The position is subject to the terms and conditions set out in the employment contract.

How to apply

Please send your CV and covering letter explaining why you’d be great for this role to info@thehairdresserscharity.org. Closing date is 17th March 2017.


All interviews will be held in the afternoon in London on 23rd March 2017.


5 Minutes With a Fundraiser: Paul Curry

We caught up with Paul Curry, owner of Studio 12 Hair Salon in York, with our 5 minutes with questions; here’s what he had to say.


What inspired you to become a fundraiser for The Hairdressers’ Charity?

For me, it’s all about putting something back into the industry. You never know if it’s going to be someone you know, or even yourself, who needs the help. It’s important to be aware of this and to know that you have the chance to change the life of someone who needs it most.

What ways have you been fundraising?

I’m a cherub in the Supporters’ Club, which is a monthly donation of £6.25, and what difference does that make to me- it just means one less gin and tonic! I also have a collection box in the salon, and we have previously organised some raffles.

How successful have your fundraisers been?

Our raffles have raised a good amount but we’ve have also had some problems as not all our customers are aware of the charity, which can make people reluctant to donate. But that’s just a case of spreading the word as much as we can, and a reason why I always wear my charity pins.

Do you have any plans in the future for more events?  

I don’t have any fundraising events planned at the moment but I always wear my charity pins to help spread awareness, and of course, I will continue donating as a cherub.

What do you love about fundraising?              

I love knowing that I am helping others and that I am giving back to an industry that I am passionate about. You just never know when you might need the help yourself.

What are your top tips for someone looking to support the charity?

Donate whatever you can, and if possible join the Supporters’ Club by becoming a cherub, angel or saint. It’s so worth it as you know you’re helping someone in need and putting something back into the hairdressing industry- and remember, it’s just one gin and tonic!

WIN a pair of Akito Shatter Scissors

The Hairdressers’ Charity have kindly been donated an amazing prize by Akito Scissors which we will be giving away in a competition this month.   The prize includes their popular Shatter Scissors, cleaning equipment, tool belt, razor and carrier bag.

FB Comp

The Shatter Scissors themselves are worth £145 and 7.0”, 18 teeth scissors are handcrafted from Japanese Hitachi 440C steel, designed for maximum hand comfort with perfect weighting and balancing.

For your chance to win these scissors:

  • TEXT “£5 SNIP17” to 70070.
  • Just Giving will send you a link to confirm your contact details. Please confirm this to enter the competition.

A winner will be randomly selected on 1st March 2017.  Good luck.

Terms & Conditions

This text will donate £5 to The Hairdressers’ Charity through a Just Giving text code.  After the text is sent, Just Giving will send a follow-up text prompting you to complete contact details. It is essential this is filled in to be entered into the competition as the only way we can get back in touch to let you know you have won.   The data will not be used for any other purpose than to contact the winner.   UK entrants only please.

Fundraising Ideas for the First Quarter

A new year is a great time to get motivated, try something new and of course have some fun.   So why not raise some funds for charity too?  Try our top six fundraising ideas.



#1 Get shot of your unwanted Christmas Gifts – Tombola’s are easy to prepare, and always get participants! Why not give away some products for winter hair care, or ask for donations from other local businesses and give away some unwanted Christmas presents!

#2 Fun run – How many of you have made a New Year’s Resolution to get fit? Maybe set yourself a challenge and go for a 10k or half marathon.  Make it fun and dress up, skip the whole way, do it backwards – whatever you want; just take part. Find a big fun run in your area, and remember, there’s strength in numbers so get the whole salon involved!   You can download our Sponsorship form here.

#3 London Fashion Week  – With LFW here 17th – 21st February, why not have your very own fashion week.  Pick an era or theme for each day, try re-creating something from recycled material or turn up in your favourite designer outfit.  Just remember to strut your stuff around the salon.

#4 Bad Hair Day –Why doesn’t your salon take part in a sponsored bad hair day? Come to work with that “just out of bed look” – or even better zombie. It’ll give you customers a shock, but could raise some funds for all those brave enough to ditch their preening.

#5 Valentines kiss or hug –Get donations for a hug or a peck on the cheek with the hottie in the salon to get into the valentine’s spirit and help share the love, after all, it’s the most romantic time of the year, and a great excuse to raise some money.

#6 Give up a vice at Lent – March is the month where lent begins meaning chocolate, crisps or other naughty treats are forbidden. Why not go one step further? Have a social media detox and get sponsored to stay offline for a month.  Gavin Hoare did just that last year and raised an incredible £820! It may do you some good, get out and explore (or do a fun run!).


There are plenty of events happening over the coming months from movie releases, awards ceremonies and celebrations such as Chinese New Year; so you could try and tie something into these.  Whatever you choose, let us know your plans on social media and get in touch if you need any help. 

5 Minutes With a Fundraiser: Philip Sharp

We asked Brand Director of our sponsor Affinage Salon Professional, Philip Sharp, to take our first ever 5 minutes with questions; and here’s what he had to say.


What inspired you to become a fundraiser for The Hairdressers’ Charity?

I was invited on to the committee by David Drew who I have worked with for several years. I felt it was a great opportunity to use my experiences and support the great work that The Hairdresser’s Charity undertakes.

What ways have you been fundraising?

My fundraising activities have been diverse but equally exciting. The first event I organised was a charity walk where the Affinage team and a couple of our distributors embarked on walking the 3 Yorkshire Peaks.  In 2016 I took part in the 250km sponsored bike ride in Majorca and most recently I organised a charity raffle which took place last October in London as part of the 20th Affinage Festival celebrations. Whenever I can you will always see my helping out on the Hairdressers’ Charity stand at various exhibitions; selling badges and lucky dip prizes.

How successful have your fundraisers been?

I am pleased to say that the charity walk, bike ride and charity raffle have raised in the region of £7,000 in total.


Do you have any plans in the future for more events?  

Yes we do, about a month ago I sent a survey to the Affinage team for fundraising ideas and in the next month or two we will be agreeing the next team challenge. These are always great fun and not only does it raise money for the charity they are also great team building activities.

What do you love about fundraising?

Apart from raising much needed funds, the part I love most it meeting people from across our industry outside of my normal working remit who are all dedicated to supporting this charity. In addition, taking part in fundraising activities is always great fun and very rewarding.

What has been your highlight in a fundraising event?

The charity bike ride has been my highlight particularly when I reached the summit of a major mountain on my cycle which I didn’t think was physically possible for myself. It was a great sense of achievement and I met some fantastic people over the holiday. I would definitely recommend this event to anyone who likes cycling when the next one is announced.


Any tips for other fundraisers you can share?

Just do it, don’t hold back, don’t procrastinate, be proactive and work with your colleagues to make things happen. You will be rewarded with new friends and great adventures whilst knowing that you are supporting a much needed cause for the very people in your own industry.


If you fancy giving fundraising a go yourself, download our fundraising toolkit for some tips and ideas for running your own successful event.

Our Top 10 Christmas Fundraising Ideas

We know Christmas is a very busy time for stylists and there’s not much time for thinking- so to help you, we’ve brainstormed 10 fun, fast, festive fundraising ideas that you can bring to your salon. 

Untitled design copy

  1. Christmas cake bake: Christmas is a time for indulging, so this is a perfect way to raise money and showcase your other talents, or if you are hopeless in the kitchen, enjoy eating some great festive cakes!
  1. Donate your tips: Set a date on the calendar where all tips earned will be donated to The Hairdressers’ Charity. You’ll feel fantastic knowing the extra pennies have gone to a great cause.
  1. Raffle: Think bigger than just your salon with this one! Get all the local businesses to donate giveaway treats too, to make the raffle about more than just hair. They’re so easy to organise and can bring the community together.
  1. Christmas lucky dip: Fill a bowl with festive treats for a surprise treat in return for a small donation.
  1. Touch the stocking: Fill Santa’s stocking with a prize to win. Feel the stocking and make your guess as to what’s inside to be in with the chance of winning the gift!
  1. Christmas crackers: This one’s good for those wanting to treat their customers to a little more luxury. Get some ‘fill your own’ crackers to sell in the salon. Fill some with mini products, gift vouchers, and small Christmas treats.
  1. Name the elf: Let a nameless elf sit in the salon so people can guess his name. Make a donation for a name choice for the chance of winning the elf.
  1. Mince pies and mulled wine party: Mince pies and mulled wine, need we say more? Invite staff and customers to a merry mince pie and mulled wine night in return for a donation paid for every pie scoffed and every drink guzzled.
  1. Christmas movie night: There’s nothing better than being cosy on the sofa under a blanket with some movies and food! Provide festive treats whilst watching Christmas classics, in return for a donation.
  1. Handmade ornaments: It’s not just for the creative among us, get your whole family involved in designing, making and decorating handmade ornaments to sell in the salon.