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The Hairdressers Charity Supporters Club
Created to recognise the phenomenal fundraising efforts of salons and stylists, the Supporters Club is a way of saying thank you to the salons and individuals who raise money for The Hairdressers’ Charity. You will be awarded your status based on the financial commitment you make to help the cause. 

When you join the Supporters’ Club, you will receive exclusive benefits, including use of The Hairdressers’ Charity logo, a thank you letter and promotion on our website. 

As an added incentive, all hairdressers signing up as an Angel or Saint will receive a complimentary Tangle Angel or cherub hairbrush*, courtesy of our friends at Tangle Angel.

To become a member you can download the registration form complete it and post it to The Hairdressers’ Charity or simply pay online below:

*Brushes subject to availability.





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For salons and stylists who want to be part of the The Hairdressers’ Charity community. This entry level makes sure that everyone has the opportunity to be recognised by The Hairdressers’ Charity for their efforts and provides a way for you to share your support with your exclusive Cherub logo.
Minimum Yearly Donation: £75.00


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HABB Angel

For salons and stylists who are able to donate a little bit more to The Hairdressers’ Charity. In addition to your exclusive Angel logo, which you can feature on your website and you will be immortalised on the ‘Hall of Fame’ web page.
Minimum Yearly Donation: £250.00

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HABB Saint

For salons and stylists who have gone the extra mile to support The Hairdressers’ Charity. You will get all of the benefits as above but your logo will show that you are a Saint, our highest accolade. We will also provide you with a framed Saint certificate to proudly display in your salon.

There will be exclusive competitions for our Saints, which could be free tickets to VIP events or even an opportunity to win a half day with a The Hairdressers’ Charity Hero. (The Hairdressers’ Charity Heroes are people in the industry who dedicate some of their time to the amazing work of the industry’s charity who are willing to work with our precious Saints to help them maximise their saintly status).
Minimum Yearly Donation: £750.00

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