Meet our Heart Team for 2018

Our Heart Team is comprised of a passionate group of individuals working in the hairdressing industry. Their aim is to help raise both the charity brand status and money for the child beneficiaries we help each year. Working as the industry face of the charity, The Heart Team will each run their own fundraisers, and be the driving force behind our One Hour, One Day event.

While the team is starting off small with 7 members, it will be an annual initiative, and new members will be announced each year.


Toby and Amanda Dicker

The Chapel 

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Linda and Alan Stewart

Rainbow Room International

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Linda and Alan Stewart


Lorenzo Colangelo

The Gallery

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Lorenzo Colangelo


Ella Johnson

Richard Ward Hair & Metrospa 

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Ella Johnson


Child Beneficiaries

Not many people are aware that not only do we help hairdressers in need; we help their families too. Hard times can fall on any of us at any time, but when you have children to worry about, it can make it all the more difficult. Child beneficiaries were introduced by the charity to help alleviate some of the stress that raising children whilst suffering a misfortune can bring.

We know how difficult it can be to understand tough situations at a young age, and we want to help parents give their children as much normality as possible. When a child is made a beneficiary, they will not only receive a monthly allowance to help towards the costs of daily life, but also money for both their birthday and Christmas. A school clothing allowance makes sure that they are always neat and tidy, and funds for the Summer holidays will see them enjoying their time off.

Watch Sam’s story to see what a difference a one-off grant made to him.